About Progress City USA

A variety of events are held at Progress City

Progress City USA is a division of Richland Community College and was developed through local, state, and federal partnerships. It was designed and constructed in 305 days to provide a semi-permanent home for the Farm Progress Show from 2005-2025. The Farm Progress Company will be hosting the national Farm Progress Show bi-annually in odd numbered years at the Progress City site. During the off-show times, the outdoor convention facility will be used for various multi-purpose events. The project site includes approximately 300 acres. The gated city is approximately 80 acres, and the remainder is parking. This multi-purpose facility provides the community and College with social, economic, and sustainable development benefits through its numerous varied future events.

A City Built By a Community


Dogs run the agility course at Woofstock!

Progress City USA is a state of the art facility providing a venue for multi-faceted events that contribute to the education, economic development and recreation of Central Illinois and beyond.


To provide a premier outdoor convention center utilizing local, state and national partnerships that develop a northeast corridor of economic opportunity and growth.